Mississippi’s opt-out creates an Obamagap for working people

Mary is a single parent of two children. She works, earning $9.50 an hour or about $19,300 per year. She receives no child support. She might be eligible for subsidized day care for the children, but her parents keep the kids while she is on the job — and she much prefers that arrangement.

Mary has no desire to be on the dole; she does what she can to be independent.

The official federal poverty level is $19,530 for a household of three, so Mary is not eligible for Medicaid herself, although her children would be eligible for the federal-state Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS). Her employer doesn’t offer or participate in a group plan for employees, so Mary has no health insurance.

There are legions of “Marys” in Mississippi.

Now let’s look at Obamacare.

Charlie Mitchell