CHARLIE MITCHELL: State flag could be red meat in Mississippi Senate election

OXFORD — Next year’s U.S. Senate election in Mississippi may double as a referendum on the state flag. Incumbent Sen. Roger Wicker and looming challenger state Sen. Chris McDaniel have taken opposite positions and both know the flag is red meat.

It may arouse a go-to-the-polls passion among the public which, despite constant pandering by cable news, is overwhelmingly apathetic when it comes to actual voting….

…His likely rival, McDaniel, Republican from Ellisville, went on the attack to exaggerate and mischaracterize what Wicker said. “Roger Wicker is using the tragedy in Charlottesville to AGAIN (his emphasis) stand with liberals and call for the removal of our state flag,” McDaniel wrote, tossing in “Unbelieveable” at the end. Wicker’s observation was tepid, yet McDaniel depicted him as toting water for the banshees of the left.

This characterization, of course, illustrates the gaping gulf among Mississippians who identify both as conservative and Republican. McDaniel is long-associated with crusades to preserve “our Southern ways.” Wicker is a board room conservative, not given to being shrill or making appeals to emotion.

Clarion Ledger