Charlie Mitchell: Hosemann’s heart is in the right place

OXFORD – Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann did not receive the recognition due for his masterful management in seeking passage, heading off federal resistance and implementation of Mississippi’s voter ID law….

…Now Secretary “by the book” Hosemann is back with a much longer list. Last week he presented to the Legislature and outlined to the press a comprehensive, praiseworthy streamlining and makeover of Mississippi election laws and procedures.

There is absolutely no doubt his heart is in the right place. There is absolutely no doubt that though he is an (evil) Republican, he embodies a burning desire for completely transparent, completely accurate elections that truly reflect the will of the people…

…What Hosemann and other solid officials know is that for the state to operate as it should, a clean and clear set of rules and procedures is essential. Applaud him for that.

And the cheaters? Hosemann has a plan for them, too. His proposals streamline and clarify definitions of and punishments for electoral crime: up to one year for misdemeanors and two years for felonies.