Charlie Mitchell: ‘Last (White) Democrat in Dixie’ Still Chugging Along

Politics should be idea-driven, not identity-driven, both said. Ideas, at least in the abstract, are race-neutral.

There’s no better illustration of being idea-driven than Jim Hood. Two years go, Governing magazine dubbed him the “last Democrat in Dixie,” a reference to all other statewide offices, majorities of the state House and Senate seats, three of the state’s four seats in the U.S. House and both U.S. Senate seats being held by Republicans.

Hood, who is seeking a fourth term in November, is a Bible-believing, pistol-toting, deer-hunting, drawl-speaking 52-year-old from New Houlka, population now steady at 611. Governing noted that Hood wears his hair “Conway Twitty” style, which is in more line with Republican Gov. Phil Bryant than the rakish styles of modern, “with it” barristers.

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Mitchell: ‘Last (White) Democrat in Dixie’ Still Chugging Along