Mixup at polling place causes concern for campaigns

There have been minor glitches — machines needed rebooting, a few poll workers have not shown up — but the only potentially serious problem reported so far has been in House District 66.

In that race, which pits Rep. Cecil Brown, D-Jackson, against Republican challenger Cory Wilson, poll workers apparently were misinforming some voters.

Some voters in Jackson’s precinct 37 are in District 66, while some are in 65. Some 66 voters were given 65 electronic ballots, meaning they couldn’t vote in the 66 race.

Precinct manager Grace Smith said voters were given paper ballots for a couple hours this morning until poll workers figured out the problem. It has since been taken care of.

But it has the campaigns worried.

Michael Raymond, Wilson’s campaign manager, said he has no idea how many voters the problem affected.

“There’s a lot of confusion going on right now,” he said.

Brown said it concerns him, too.

Clarion Ledger