Mizzou has the horses to finally win at Nebraska

I was looking at some of the old scores the other day, the results of all of those humiliating days that Missouri’s football team endured as visitors to Lincoln, Neb.
A 51-7 loss in 1996, 57-0 in 1995, 49-7 in 1993, 63-6 in 1991, 69-21 in 1990, 48-17 in 1985. All of those sad Saturdays for the Tigers in Nebraska, all of those horrible afternoons of getting caught in a thresher.
Gary Pinkel’s 2008 Tigers can’t settle all of those old scores, not in one game. But it is fair to say that the Tigers owe the Cornhuskers a big, bold, smackdown on Nebraska’s home turf, where the Mizzou program hasn’t won since 1978.
There’s been a lot of talk in Lincoln, talk of shutouts and diabolical game plans and the releasing of the hounds to attack and overrun the middle of the Missouri offensive line to punish Tigers quarterback Chase Daniel.