Mizzou shouldn’t celebrate this victory

SAN ANTONIO | When it was over, when the 12-point-favorite, former-national-title-contending Missouri Tigers finally subdued Northwestern in overtime, the Tigers danced across the Alamodome as if they’d beaten Kansas or won the Big 12 title.

When he was handed the microphone at the Alamo Bowl trophy ceremony, Gary Pinkel shrieked: “How ’bout dem Tigers?!?”
I wondered what game I’d just watched.
The one I watched was an embarrassment for the Tigers. An inferior opponent had outplayed them for most of the night, settled for a moral victory in the fourth quarter and gave up in overtime.
Congrats, Mizzou. Beating Northwestern 30-23 in overtime inside a half-empty stadium at the conclusion of a season that started with national-title hopes is now the signature moment at the end of the Chase Daniel-Dave Christensen-Spread Offense era.