Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson Fails Water Crisis Leadership Test

Yesterday Jackson had only four crews making repairs. With the help from other cities the number climbed to ten. That’s nowhere near enough, particularly since there are private crews ready to step in.

Johnson’s analogy to an ice storm is half right. People would understand, but they would also see power company crews from all over the nation in the city fixing the problem. People would know that Entergy was doing everything possible to fix the problem. Here, Harvey Johnson is telling us that he is not doing everything possible. People are mad not because they can’t see the problem, people are mad because they can see that not enough is being done to fix the problem. Johnson just doesn’t get it on multiple levels.

Closed businesses means a loss of sales tax revenue for Jackson. Not hiring private contractors does not save Jackson money. It costs Jackson money. Even worse, it causes people to not trust Mayor Johnson.

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