NMC Notices Pattern in Jerry Mitchell’s DeLaughter Stories

Meanwhile, I find Steffey’s prediction that DeLaughter will find work as a jury consultant, strategist, arbitrator or mediator to be very naive. Here are several reasons for why I believe that Steffey is wrong:

I find it difficult to believe that any law firm will hire DeLaughter for any reason. He is going to be a disbarred pariah in the legal industrty when he gets out of jail.
DeLaughter is not qualified to be a jury consultant. Professional jury consultants typically have a university education and research experience in fields such as psychology, sociology or behavioral sciences. In addition, in most Mississippi venues a local person who “knows everyone” is more valuable than a professional consultant.
I’m not sure what a “strategist” is, but it sounds like practicing law. DeLaughter will not be able to practice law.

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