Candidate who ripped Miss. gives few details

A gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota who put down Mississippi in a TV ad and claims to have been “run out” of Greenwood 20 years ago offered up few details on the incident.

Late last week, when questioned about a new campaign ad warning that Minnesota could be going the way of Mississippi – and not in a good way – former Minnesota Rep. Matt Entenza told The Associated Press he had spent time in the state, but was driven out.

Entenza never had permanent residence here but spent a summer in the South after law school clerking for the U.S. Department of Justice in 1989, spokesman Jeremy Drucker said.

Entenza assisted with cases in various cities in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, traveling frequently.

Which raises the question: How was he “run out” of a place he was only passing through?

Drucker said Entenza was referring to a meeting he attended in Greenwood in 1989 with some African-American men who felt they had been discriminated against.

“There were other younger, white men outside who weren’t pleased and made comments to him,” Drucker said. “He talked to law enforcement folks and they acknowledged these were troublemakers, so he was concerned and they headed out of town.”

Drucker said he would see whether Entenza wished to comment, but the candidate never returned a phone call to The Clarion-Ledger.