Gallo – Monday, April 6 Lineup

7:30 a.m.-Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant. As citizens of this great state, let me give you a few dismal financial numbers. Now that March figures are in, our check was $48 million less than we anticipated! The end of the “fiscal” year is June 30. So far, we’re $161 million short of estimates.

Other topics for the Lt. Gov. —-Voter ID, Parole Board, Hospital Tax, Tobacco Tax and the Final Four. Ok, maybe I won’t get to the Final Four.

8:30 a.m. We’ll just call him “John”. Last week I had a story about how a funeral home got a 6 foot 5 inch man in a much smaller casket. Apparently the wife is saying her husband’s legs were trimmed a bit!! Well “John” has been in the business for a while and he thinks he knows how that happened…..along with some other things you may not have known about the industry. I know, I should have saved this one for Halloween, but “news happens”.

-Plus..Ike Brown has reportedly been kicked off the Democrat Committee. Question is- How can he be kicked off the Committee if Chairman Franks is correct and the meeting that put him there was not legal?

-“The Lord and the Liquor Store” . A story brewing in Northeast MS and the hearing is Monday in a Lee County Court.

-What’s 675 + 518? It’s 1,193 and that’s the number of druggies who will be out of prison and under “house arrest” if the governor signs legislation sitting on his desk. Commissioner Epps says we already have 675 in the system now and the bill will broaden the language to allow 518 more. What do you think?

NOTE- Thank you all for making SuperTalk MS and your NUMBER ONE CHOICE. This audience is INCREDIBLE!