Moonshiner arrested

Following an investigation taking place over a 6-month period of time,
enforcement agents of the Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control
arrested Elbert “Al” Williams, 69, of 5286 Water Valley Road, on
June 15, 2009 for Possession of an Illegal Whiskey Still. The still was
located at 8299 Shuqualak Road, Shuquluak, in Noxubee County.

The arrest resulted in the seizure of a 10-barrel illegal distillery
that consisted of a 500-gallon cooker, a radiator condenser, 82 gallons
of moonshine whiskey and other related items. A 1994 Toyota Camry and
$452 cash were also seized in the arrest.

Williams has a previous conviction in Lauderdale County on two counts
of Sale of Marijuana, and another conviction for Possession of an
Illegal Distillery.

This case will be presented to the Noxubee County Grand Jury.
Possession of an illegal still is a felony. Because this is Williams
second offense, if convicted he could face a minimum of 5 years and
maximum of 10 years in prison.

Williams appeared at his arraignment on June 15 where he was advised of
the charge and released on a $15,000 bond late Monday afternoon.

Pictures of the illegal still and moonshine are attached.

Kathy Waterbury, Director of Communications
Mississippi Tax Commission
P. O. Box 1033
Jackson, MS 39215