More on FBI search of Scruggs’ law offices

What were they looking for? I don’t know, and no one else appears to know either, at least anyone outside the FBI and prosecutors, and they aren’t saying. Seldom have I had so many e-mails in an afternoon from readers, and usually some one is able to tell me some inside dope, but not in this instance. So if you know the good stuff, don’t be shy about letting me know.

One thing I noted in the media accounts I read was that Scruggs’ big time San Francisco criminal defense lawyer, John Keker, was not speaking for Scruggs on this matter. Keker, as you recall, is defending Scruggs against a charge of criminal contempt of court instigated by federal Judge William Acker relating to the Renfroe v. Rigsby document case in Alabama. This is smart — whether the search is related to that prosecution or not, why create the link in people’s minds? Instead of Keker, Mississippi trial attorney Joey Langston spoke for Scruggs. The story in the Clarion Ledger said that Langston is “representing the Scruggs firm but is not an employee there.” Ironically, the big Sun Herald story from yesterday, which contained extensive quotes from Langston, didn’t say anything about who he is.

Langston, according to his firm’s website, specializes in criminal defense, wrongful death and personal injury cases. According to this press release by Mississippians for Economic Progress, a group that opposed AG Jim Hood’s re-election, Langston, like Scruggs, is a big campaign contributor to Hood.

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