More undergraduates than ever in NFL draft?

Get ready for the undergraduates.

The NFL’s uncertain labor situation _ with no salary cap in place for 2010, and a potential labor stoppage in 2011 _ has many college players wondering what an uncapped year or a potential rookie wage scale could mean for them.

It also seems to have more juniors than ever thinking about whether to make an early move to the NFL.

“We’re looking at that and we’re talking to the right people about it. And we don’t know, because they don’t know,” says Washington coach Steve Sarkisian, who went through the early-entry process with several Southern Cal stars before taking the Huskies job. He investigated the issue for his current quarterback, junior Jake Locker, who chose to stay in school despite the likelihood he’d be a high draft pick in April.

“That’s the hard part. They’ve been talking about that thing for about five or six years now. That was one of the ploys to try to get (Matt) Leinart to come out early, that some of the agents were using. So that was how many years ago now, and they are still talking about it? So I don’t know.”

Nobody knows much of anything. An uncapped season next year, the first since 1993, will modify restrictions on free agency, but probably won’t have much effect on rookies. But if there’s no pro football in 2011, that would be devastating. The draft itself could disappear.