Thursday, March 10, 2011
Dear Friend,

Mississippi is where I was raised and where, today, I live. I’m proud to call myself a Mississippian. With all her challenges, she is still beautiful, warm, and welcoming.

We have an opportunity to make great strides in the education of our children and bringing better, good paying jobs to our state. That opportunity exist in my friend, Bill Luckett, who is running for Governor.

I’ve known Bill for almost 20 years, working with him on projects that have improved schools and helped create jobs. I believe in Bill because I know Bill. I believe in Bill because I know how much he loves Mississippi and I know, first hand, he has the ability to lead us into the future.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Bill over the years spearheading successful efforts to bring Mississippi Blues music to the forefront as a cultural phenomena in the American mainstream. People today travel from all over the world to Mississippi to experience what we’ve had all along… a music that is pure, authentic and real… just like Bill.

I’ve never known anyone so dedicated to his word. If he says he can, he can. If he says he will, he will. I’m one of many witnesses.

So, I’m asking you to help Bill in his campaign for Governor. By giving to Bill’s campaign you are giving to the future; a better, brighter future for all of Mississippi, especially her children.

Blues great, James “Super Chikan” Johnson, has something to say, or I should say sing, about Bill, too.

Blues Great, Super Chikan, Music Video, Bill Luckett for Governor

Bill’s run for Governor is a campaign for the future. Join me today in supporting Bill and the future of Mississippi.

Morgan Freeman