Morning Coffee Wonders What The National Punditry Is Smoking

Gary Danielson goes Schlabach on Colt McCoy. Apparently, being no. 1 means the national punditry makes ill-considered statements about that football team. In a word, goes all Schlabach on you, while slobbering all over Georgia’s Matthew Stafford. Take it away Gary Danielson (and remember, as a CBS analyst, he knows good offenses):
It’s certainly true that Stafford has the type of arm that scouts drool over and McCoy doesn’t. But beyond that debate, Texas runs a junk offense? What makes it a junk offense, Danielson? Because McCoy is on pace to shatter completion percentage records in the NCAA? If it’s such a junk offense, why has no one figured out how to stop it yet? Wanna see a junk offense? Go watch Auburn play. I don’t think Matthew Stafford could complete 80% of his passes against air. Gary Danielson, you, sir, are a moron. Go start a club with Schlabach.