August 13, 2012


Morris airs first TV spot in MS-01

“Support” highlights candidate’s working class background & middle class issues.

Oxford, MS Brad Morris (D – Mississippi, 1st) launched his first television spot of the campaign over the weekend. The 30 second spot titled “Support” is airing on a combination of broadcast and cable networks in 20 of the 22 counties across the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi. “Support” introduces Brad Morris in his own voice as he discusses being raised by his working class grandparents in rural Itawamba County; how access to jobs, public schools, college aid and Medicare & Social Security made a positive impact on him and his family; and, how a broken Congress threatens that kind of support for middle class and working families.

A video of “Support” is available for viewing on at:

“This is a first step of introducing my candidacy to the wider public,” Brad Morris said. “We want struggling families in North Mississippi to know there is a candidate in this race who can relate to them and will fight for them. I will fight Congressman Nunnelee’s plan to gut public education and Medicare while giving more special tax breaks to big corporations and a wealthy few.”

Brad Morris is a small business owner and attorney. He and his wife, Sharon, live in Oxford, Mississippi. Brad served as Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser to former Congressman Travis Childers (D – MS 01). He is the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 1st District of Mississippi.