Pascagoula, Moss Point mayors weigh in on flag flap in Ocean Springs

“The City of Pascagoula is currently flying the United States flag and the Mississippi bicentennial flag outside of City Hall. The City is flying the bicentennial flag in recognition of Mississippi’s statehood as encouraged by our state leaders. The Pascagoula City Council will address which flags to fly at City Hall at the beginning of the next calendar year.”…

…”We are all in this together, so as a close neighbor of Ocean Springs, I respect the decision of Mayor Dobson supporting the people’s choice through their aldermen. I have done the same and I think the difference in demographics and historic experience of my constituents is why the flag will lay dormant in Moss Point. I respect the history of our country, state, and municipalities. However, I will not disrespect the experiences of my constituents or their families by flying the state flag that has the controversial Confederate symbol embedded in it over our buildings.”