November ballot to contain proposed constitutional amendment, some open seats

On the Coast, 12 House seats and six Senate spots are going uncontested in November. Ten House members and four senators had no competition to begin with; the rest won party primaries or are unchallenged in the general election.

In the state Senate, the District 47 seat is open because Republican Tony Smith opted to run for the Public Service Commission. Democrat Jimmy L. “Bo” Alawine is going up against Republican Joseph Seymour, who defeated three others in the GOP primaries.

In District 48, Republican Walter Crapps is challenging incumbent Democrat Deborah Dawkins and in District 51, Sen. Michael Watson, a Republican, faces a challenger in Libertarian Boyd T. Kendall.

In the House, five seats are contested, with Democrats challenging Republican incumbents for four of them. Billie Joe Ladner is challenging Rep. Timmy Ladner in District 93. In District 107, Rep. Doug McLeod is facing Democrat Austin Howell, and in District 111, Kay Sims is up against Rep. Charles Busby.

In District 109, Libertarian Joshua Hardy is challenging incumbent Republican Manly Barton.