Most underrated coaches, latest on Reggie Bush and much more

So I was playing Rock Band the other night — which, if you don’t already know, is the single greatest invention of the 21st century — and I got to thinking how this wildly popular video game has helped resuscitate some great bands that long since disappeared from the pop-culture lexicon. (Not to mention provided a whole new source of amusement at parties).
Take, for instance, Stone Temple Pilots. While wailing away on the multi-colored fret buttons of my plastic-yet-eerily-realistic Fender Strat to Interstate Love Song, I thought to myself, “Man … I forgot how great this song is.” I concede that when STP first came on the scene, we all thought they were a shameless knock-off of Pearl Jam, and I realize they’re far better known for their lead singer’s drug problems than their actual music. But in retrospect, Stone Temple Pilots really was an underrated band.
The preceding two paragraphs served two purposes: a) As a shameless excuse to work my Rock Band-addiction into a Mailbag; and b) As a fairly lame segue to this week’s first question.
I noticed you did not publish your annual best and worst coaches lists this summer. If you have given up on that, how about giving us a list of the most underrated coaches in college football?