MoveOn calls Childers’ no vote “shameful”

On Saturday night, the House made history by narrowly passing the big health care reform bill—but Representative Travis Childers voted no.1

And to make matters worse, he also helped pass an ugly amendment to the bill restricting a woman’s right to choose.2 In other words, he made the bill worse, then voted against it anyway.


To win the health care fight, we’ve got to show that politicians like Rep. Childers will face a groundswell of grassroots opposition if they stand in the way of reform. Even if you’re not surprised, it’s critical that Rep. Childers hear from you.

Can you call right now and tell him that you’re extremely disappointed with his vote?

Representative Travis Childers
Phone: 202-225-4306
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Progressives in the House led the charge to strengthen and pass the bill, and President Obama personally lobbied swing Democrats like Rep. Childers to vote for it in the final hours.3
But, on the most important House vote in a generation, where was Rep. Childers? Standing with the insurance companies. We should all remember that when reelection time rolls around.

Moreover, he sided with anti-choice extremists to vote for an amendment that would make abortion coverage virtually inaccessible for women in the new insurance exchange and bans such coverage in the public option.4

As the health care fight moves to the Senate, we also need to send a clear signal to conservative Democratic senators. If they see that representatives who opposed reform pay a political price for it, they’ll think twice about joining a Republican filibuster.

Can you call Rep. Childers’s office on Capitol Hill right now?

Representative Travis Childers
Phone: 202-225-4306
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Thanks for all you do.
–Nita, Noah, Kat, Michael, and the rest of the team

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