‘Navigators’ In Place To Help Mississippians In Insurance Exchange

In less than a month, uninsured Mississippians can begin signing up for federally subsidized private health insurance on the new health insurance exchange.

It’s estimated that 275,000 Mississippians are eligible to purchase insurance on the exchange, which is part of the federal health care reform law.

The people who will help uninsured residents purchase insurance are called Navigators, including 17 at the University of MIssissippi Medical Center.

Chad Feldman directs the team at UMMC.

“And so when we saw this opportunity we wanted to be prepared. Because we know we are going to get that question. With the large volume of uninsured patients that we see we knew we were going to get that question ‘what is the exchange and what does it mean to me’,” Feldman said.

The federal government is spending more then one million dollars on Mississippi navigators, at UMMC and a church that will send pastors into the delta.