MPB – Bryant, Hood on run for governor

Under a rain soaked canopy Lt Governor Phil Bryant says the Neshoba County Fair has become somewhat of a pre-requisite for anyone seeking statewide office in Mississippi.

“Because the spotlight is on the Neshoba County Fair. Even now in an off year election year people wanna hear what you got to say.”

And with Governor Haley Barbour not seeking re-election, Republican Lt. Governor Phil Bryant is fueling the flames that he will be a possible candidate.

“I’ve got a lot of work left to do and I’ve always announced about my election during election year. But certainly ah, considering a run for governor which I’ve said that I will. This is the place that you got to be. If you’re going to be governor in 11 or in the future you better be at Neshoba County Fair. You know people always have questions, they have a lot of concerns they wanna express and they can do that to you as you stand there on their front porch.”

Yesterday at the Neshoba County Fair Bryant shared the spotlight with another possible gubernatorial candidate, The state’s top democrat, Attorney General, Jim Hood.

“My friends are encouraging me to do that.”

Hood says he will make the decision whether or not to run at a later time. But right now he says he’s just enjoying his job.

“The things working with cyber crime, protecting our children on the internet and protecting our citizens from counterfeit products and those type things. You know next year we’ll talk about politics and partisan and leadership and those type things.”

Both men praised each other’s work and pledged to run a clean campaign if they decide to seek the state’s top position.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting