Mississippians Divided on Kemper County Coal Plant Proposal

A proposed 2.6 billion-dollar coal plant in Kemper County has sparked opposition from environmental, social and economic activists. However, supporters argue the plant is needed for future job creation and reliable energy. In this report, MPB’s Carl Gibson examines both the pros and cons of the project.

Mississippi Power has proposed a power plant for Kemper County that would burn lignite. The mineral is a form of soft coal that would be locally mined. While the plant would create 260 jobs, Mississippi Economic Council President Blake Wilson says there is potential for thousands of other future jobs.

“One of the key elements in attracting new industry to a state of our size is the availability of affordable and stable power. And lignite has a great history of being a stable fuel source. That’s always gonna be be there, always gonna be available, and of course, at a fixed level in rate.”

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