Congressman Bennie Thompson Statement on Looming Government Shutdown

In recent days, Congress has taken important votes on funding the government for the fiscal year that starts on Tuesday, October 1. With troops abroad defending our freedoms and dedicated civilians working at federal agencies, the impact of the looming shutdown will be felt in every community. I am convinced that we did not have to go down this road. A small, senseless minority in Congress continues to put politics before governance. They have declared that if they cannot get their way, they will take their ball and go home. Well, this is not grade school and families are depending on us to make adult decisions. These families will soon have access to reasonably priced health insurance, something that has been out-of-reach for many.

I encourage my Republican colleagues to put on their hard hats and do the most basic work our constituents have entrusted us to do by getting this government running at full speed.