The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal ran a great story in yesterday’s paper about Brad Morris officially announcing his candidacy this weekend in the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi. Brad held stops on Saturday in Dorsey, the community where he grew up, and Oxford, where he now resides.

Read the Full Story: Daily Journal – Morris announces campaign for Congress (YP note – Who wrote this story? The byline is missing.)

Here are a few excerpts of Brad talking about his upbringing and some of the reasons that he is running for Congress:

Speaking at Dorsey Trading Post, a hardware store in the small rural community of Dorsey where he grew up, Morris emphasized his working-class roots. Morris was adopted and raised by his maternal grandparents. His grandfather, a Baptist minister, worked in a pallet factory in Fulton during the week and preached at small churches on the weekends. His grandmother was a seamstress in local garment factories.

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“Dorsey is an appropriate place to start my campaign, because it puts us close to the people and places that gave me my start and helped shape my views about the struggles of working families, about what’s important for strong communities, and about what really matters in life.”

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“I am absolutely convinced that our economy will not fully get back on track until our middle class gets back on track,” Morris said. “I believe the way to do both is with a serious, balanced approach to our national debt, an economic agenda focused on opportunities that help grow the middle class, and political reform to stop the corrupting influence of big money on Congress.”

We are getting a great response to Brad’s candidacy. If you have not already done so, we invite you to visit the campaign website and follow us on Facebook.

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David McDowell
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Brad Morris for Congress