Gene Taylor: Palazzo has no credibility, doesn’t know how to get things done

United States congressional candidate Gene Taylor visited supporters in the Pine Belt Wednesday and said he was ready to return to Washington.

“We need someone up there with the credibility with the Department of Defense to not only hang on to what we have but grow what we have,” said Taylor, referring to his help in expanding Camp Shelby’s training site and modernizing Keesler Air Force Base after Hurricane Katrina.

Taylor said his challenger, incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo, has no credibility with the Department of Defense.

“It’s knowing how to get things done,” said Taylor. “It’s knowing how to work with people to get things done that is sadly lacking in Washington right now and that Steven Palazzo doesn’t know how to do.”

Taylor will return to the congressional race as a Republican after serving 1989-2010 in the U.S. House as a Democrat. He said that even though his previous time in Congress was served as a Democrat, he has always had conservative values.

“The people of south Mississippi are comfortable with a Republican candidate,” said Taylor about the shift in party lines in Mississippi. “What has happened is my previous party has left me. I didn’t leave them.”