‘Voters deserve a serious discussion of the issues’

Today, Sam Adcock said he is asking the University of Mississippi and the Mississippi University for Women and media outlets throughout Northern Mississippi to sponsor debates among the congressional candidates in the special election for Mississippi’s First Congressional District.

“Mississippi and America face serious issues and I believe the people of the First District deserve to hear directly from the candidates. Voters deserve a serious discussion of the issues. As centers of education, research and job training, I believe Ole Miss and MUW have the capacity and reputation to host these debates and I will be calling on leaders at both institutions to consider conducting this public service,” Adcock said.

Adcock continued, “With just over six weeks until Election Day and early voting already taking place, it is in the public interest for these institutions to partner with media outlets to ensure that voters are informed. I look forward to appearing along with the other candidates at debates and forums around the district and sharing my vision with the voters.”

Adcock said he hopes the universities and media outlets would consider a broad range of issues including national security, foreign affairs, border security, economic development, fiscal policy and cultural concerns; but, believes details of the debate should best be arranged by the potential sponsors to be fair to all candidates.