Democratic candidates build campaign warchests, Kelly maintains lead

Since he began campaigning, the Oxford-based Wadkins has received just under $33,000 in total donations. Most of that money came in during a burst of small-donor gifts during the first three months of his campaign. A distinct slowdown in the pace of money has occurred since then.

From July 1 to Sept. 30, Wadkins brought in only a bit more than $6,000…

…Carlton E. Smith, of Holly Springs only officially kicked off his candidacy early this week, with quiet campaign efforts getting underway a bit earlier in September. Through the end of that month, Smith reports total campaign revenue of $1,750 but has also loaned his own campaign $20,000 at its very outset….

…In an interview earlier this year, Wadkins acknowledged that most PACs he has approached do not view the 1st Congressional District as competitive for a Democratic candidate and are loathe to put any money into the race.

Indeed, finance reports show that Kelly’s campaign funding dwarfs his would-be Democratic rivals.

From July to September, the incumbent received about $96,500 in campaign contributions. His total earnings for the current election cycle stand at $317,400.

Daily Journal