Dickey issues apology, Special Forces vets not satisfied

“21 years ago, I served as a food service specialist with the 3rd Special Forces Group during Desert Storm. While I wore the Green Beret as part of my uniform, I did not attend the Army Special Forces Qualification course,” he wrote. “I did not intend to misrepresent my time in the military. I was given the Good Conduct medal and was honorably discharged. I respectfully apologize to any and all I have offended. I am looking forward to continuing my campaign, and fighting for the rights of our servicemen and women.”

The Special Forces community is still not satisfied with the apology, though, saying that Dickey should clarify that he was a cook with a Special Forces unit, and that he did not serve in Desert Storm or in the Persian Gulf. He was stationed in Korea during the Gulf War.

Clarion Ledger