A Black Mississippi Democrat Trying For An Upset Has Come Out Firing — Against His Own Party

Long-shot candidate Walter Howard Zinn Jr. came in first in a crowded special election for Mississippi’s 1st House seat. Now he says lack of support from national Democrats shows the party doesn’t care about the black vote, but national Democrats are quietly realistic: He will lose no matter what….

…Zinn recently took to social media to prove his point.
“You know why [Mississippi] is a red state?” the meme says, a picture of an all-red drawing of Mississippi with a blue star in the middle. “Because the national Democratic Party doesn’t support our candidates.”

A second post, which appears to have been deleted from Zinn’s Facebook page, featured a picture of a black man holding a contemplative pose: “So I’m supposed to vote for Hillary….but the Democratic party doesn’t support Walter Zinn in Mississippi….”