Palazzo touts accomplishments, fight for flood insurance, against Obamacare

GULFPORT — U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-4, takes exception to the view that the current Congress is the least productive of all time; still wants to repeal Obamacare; and counts the overhaul of the Biggert-Waters flood insurance bill among his accomplishments.

“If you look back at our record for the past four years, we’ve introduced — this of course the Republicans in the House — over 200 bills that basically would repeal the obstacles to job creation, which is a lot of the regulation,” he said during an interview with the Sun Herald. “We passed it with bipartisan support in the House and we sent in over to the Senate to (Sen. Majority Leader) Harry Reid and it either ended up on his desk or possibly in the trash can. We don’t know.”

He said Republicans know how to create jobs, get the nation out of debt and improve the economy.

“We wish they would come along with us or get out of the way,” he said. Palazzo said both sides have been able to work together to fix the flood insurance bill and pass the RESTORE Act, which gives the states affected by the Gulf oil disaster control over a large chunk of money expected from BP.

“I just wish they would work with us,” he said of Democrats. “Sit down and talk about how we can get America working again.”

Though Palazzo said he wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, he doesn’t accept the blame for being among those who shut down the government last year in a bid to derail funding for the health-insurance program.