From “Democrats and Independents for Gene Taylor” Facebook page


You people who are volunteering for Gene were so worried about our efforts to help Gene educate and mobilize the Democrats and Independents that you have completely lost it. WE NEVER SAID WE REPRESENTED THE TAYLOR CAMPAIGN. As a matter of fact, we always went out of our way to state we were an Independent Expenditure campaign. However, if it was Gene’s “new” volunteer staff or Gene himself, you all just could not allow us to do what Gene needs to have done for him and without it costing him a dime. Gene has told at least four people I have talked to that he would prefer them NOT to contribute or to help our efforts.

This is so short sighted as we were not asking for contributions for HIM directly, but rather to help him get Dems and Independents to the polls. This is an effort that Gene has never has to do in the past because he was in a General Election, but he and you will soon see the huge difference in getting these people to actually cross the line and vote in a Republican primary. Gene has never done a traditional GOTV effort for Democrats and he is not well loved in the African American community either. So instead of you all allowing us to do Gene a huge favor, one of which I have already spent $1,000 of my own money doing, you have tried to cut us off at the knees at each and every turn.

So be it, if you don’t want our help, I promise you won’t be getting it any longer. From this point on the focus of our page and our efforts will be to show the good and the bad of BOTH candidates in an effort to help show the voters their choices and help them make the one they see fit to make. We will no longer be pushing Gene Taylor at all, but rather giving him AND Mr. Palazzo equal time and footing to get their facts out. I have been a paid political consultant for Gene before and always thought him to be a man of honor. I have worked political campaigns for over 25 years successfully all over the country. I have forgotten more about politics than many of you will ever learn. Gene knows that if I know anything, I do know politics, period. However, after me offering my help to him personally for free and his not following up along with his actions on our Independent Expenditure Committee, I can only assume that he cares not about our help at all.

We will NO LONGER be trying to either educate or mobilize Democrats or Independents to vote for Gene. This is a job now that is all on you all and one that I fear is far too big of a job for you to accomplish or even truly understand on your own. I have already sent you my numbers which show that you need 7,500 to 10,000 of these voters to cross the line in order for you to be successful. Those kind of numbers just do not happen on their own, especially when the overall turnout number in the Republican Primary to be South of 60,000 and nowhere close to the 200,000 Gene is used to having vote in a General Election.

So, Gene will no longer get our help. I took up the signs out of my yard today and will be returning them to Barry Foster later today. The bumper sticker is off my car as well. We have asked FB for a name change on our page that will be “The Straight Facts – 4th District of MS” and that should happen within a couple of days. We have changed the scope, pictures and post on our page. We will now openly engage with all Republicans and the Palazzo team as well from here on out. Gene, all I tried to do was to be of help, but I can only be slapped down so many times and disrespected before I have to stand up and make my voice heard. I wish you the best. I hope you have better luck “getting other voters” than you had here with your actions and your “losing” people who were so committed to your efforts. Here is the scope of our new page that will match our new name in a couple days.

“This page is dedicated to setting and keeping the record straight in the campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 4th Congressional District for the State of Mississippi. It is our goal to call it like we see it for each candidate, their positions, voting records, and their statements. We will be holding Mr. Taylor and Mr. Palazzo’s feet to the fire during this time up until the Republican Primary on June 3rd. We will hold no favorites and will point out the mistakes of either candidate as we sense they are being made. It is our intentions to share the political knowledge we have obtained over the past 25 years of doing campaigns with you, the voters of South Mississippi. This is an important election and the right choice needs to be made. Feel free to state your opinion here on either candidate or issue, but know that anything that is vulgar or plainly mean spirited will be deleted and the writer will be banned. This is a place for both the truthful and meaningful discussion of the candidates and their issues. We are not biased and to be honest, we are still undecided as to whom we will cast our vote for in the June Primary. We will be using this as a tool to make up our own minds and hopefully many of you will as well. Thank you in advance for your reading our page and for your tasteful commentary.”