Cong. candidate Taylor calls VA scandal “unforgiveable”

Republican congressional candidate Gene Taylor speaks with a soldier during Military Retiree Day at Camp Shelby Thursday.

Outrage in congress over the Veterans Affairs scandal is building. Democrats as well as the GOP are furious at the Obama administration over the way veterans who served this country are now being treated.

And 4th district Republican congressional candidate Gene Taylor said today the scandal is “unforgiveable.” But, he also said Veterans Affairs director Gen. Eric Shinseki should be given time to investigate and solve the problems at the agency.

“I personally think Gen. Shinseki is a good man,” Taylor said. “He lost half a foot in Vietnam defending our nation (and) I think the problem is he probably needs to get out to more of these installations on a one-on-one basis, get out of the office in Washington and work with people to help them do their jobs better,” he said. He added, “if someone wasn’t doing their job, if someone was covering up the fact that they weren’t doing their job, those people need to be terminated. In any organization, you reward people that are doing well, you terminate those who are failing to live up to our nation’s expectations.”