Tom Carter says his business sense gives him an advantage in race to be South Mississippi’s congressman

GULFPORT — Tom Carter said his business acumen would be just the thing to balance the budget and calm the hostilities that have virtually gridlocked Congress.

“I see nobody holding the flag of ‘enough is enough,'” Carter, of Carriere, told the Sun Herald this week. “I just see us continually growing and spiraling out of control.”

Carter is one of five Republican candidates for the District 4 congressional seat held by Steven Palazzo. He said when he compared his resume to the resumes of the other candidates, “I trumped them.”

He said one reason he’s running is he doesn’t want his sons to have to pay our debts.

“We are $17.5 trillion in debt,” he said. “We are spending approximately $1.45 trillion per year in additional funds that we don’t have revenue for. We’re broke. People don’t want to talk about being broke.

“I care dearly about my Constitution. I care dearly about the mandates and the promises we’ve made to people, but if we don’t bring our house in order it really won’t matter.”