GOP candidates take to the ground for final week

“At this point, the TV and mailers are booked and that’ll take care of itself,” said Hunter Lipscomb, U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo’s campaign manager. “We’ve got a very targeted ground game” and the target is those people most likely to vote.

On the Democratic side, Trish Causey of Ocean Springs and Matt Moore of Gulfport have been running low-key campaigns — mostly with social media and personal appearances — with little money to spend. They are both advocating a variety of liberal positions — women’s rights, equal pay and LGBT rights among them.

Close GOP race

But most of the attention has been going to the Republicans in the predominantly GOP 4th District, where it seems more likely than ever there will be a runoff in the crowded field with Gene Taylor running strong for months and Tom Carter surging with significant advertising purchases recently.

Taylor said the race is very close but if there is a runoff, it will be between him and Palazzo, the man who defeated him in 2010. Taylor had served as a Democrat since 1989 but switched to the Republican Party early this year when he filed to enter the race against Palazzo.

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