Conservative Republican candidate for Congress Angela
McGlowan, an Oxford native, author and former Fox News Political Analyst,
today issued the following statement with regard to her uncompromising
support of the 2nd Amendment and her unequivocal opposition to the
Blair-Holt amendment, or any attempt by government, to infringe on the right
of law abiding Mississippians to keep and bear arms guaranteed by our
Founding Fathers in the Constitution.

“I’m a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, anti tax-and-spend Mississippi
Republican who is deeply committed to the 2nd Amendment and unequivocally
opposed to any government attempt to infringe on the right of law abiding
Mississippians to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by our Founding Fathers
in the Constitution.

“Though, I am human and do make mistakes. Last year, as a Fox News
political analyst, I participated in Paul Gallo’s radio show and, after
admitting that I didn’t have a clue as to what the Blair-Holt Amendment was,
made the mistake of talking about a piece of legislation that I knew nothing
about, compounded that honest mistake by playing ‘devil’s advocate’, which
is how political analysts are trained to provoke debate, and failed to
circle back with the audience to make clear my personal, unequivocal support
for the gun rights of law abiding Mississippians. And, for these mistakes I
am truly sorry.

“My commitment to the 2nd Amendment is personal. My dad taught me to handle
a gun as youngster, at age 20 I carried a ’38 as a licensed bail bondsman
working my way through Ole Miss, and I’ve been a victim of violent crime.
Since last year, I’ve ‘hung up my cleats’ as a Fox News political analyst,
received quite an education on the Blair-Holt Act from Paul Gallo and
Mississippians, I can assure the people of Mississippi that, as God is my
witness, I strongly oppose the Blair-Holt Act and will fight harder than any
human being alive to protect law-abiding Mississippians Constitutional right
to keep and bear arms.

“Regrettably, rather than joining me in holding Barack Obama accountable for
his liberal tax and spend policies that hurt Mississippians every day, my
primary opponent, 16-year incumbent politician State Senator Alan Nunnelee,
has chosen to use this honest mistake to try to hide the fact that he’s
broken his ‘No Tax Increase Pledge’ and voted for higher gas taxes, higher
tobacco taxes and higher taxes on the sick who are in need of hospital beds.

“Senator Nunnelee’s diversionary attacks not withstanding, I will press on
with my fight for Mississippians and against incumbent politicians, like
Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose liberal tax and spend
policies kill the jobs we have and destroy the hope of attracting new jobs
for the future.”

Angela McGlowan Campaign Release