Mississippi Congressional candidate for District 1, Angela McGlowan, has called for the state of Mississippi to propose and pass legislation exempting the state’s firearm, firearm accessory and ammunition manufacturers from the Commerce clause of the US Constitution where the product is retained in the state.

Candidate McGlowan stated, “First, the Federal government continues to trample on state’s rights with mandates and federalization of all manner of regulations controlling those states. Second, the attempt to control the production, purchase and distribution of firearms and related products through the Commerce clause is a clear back door attempt to regulate and diminish the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of this state.”

A similar bill was proposed and passed in the adjacent state of Tennessee and McGlowan believes that this action should be taken up by the Mississippi State Assembly. Indeed, this action is a necessary step to begin to take back the powers of the state as enumerated in the Constitution and protect those rights for the people of Mississippi.

McGlowan further commented, “As a candidate for Congress, I strongly urge the legislature to take up this issue. Should I be elected, I am committed to protecting the rights of the citizens of Mississippi and in particular, their Second Amendment rights as have been enumerated through our Constitution.”

Angela McGlowan Campaign Release