MS-01 Debate never cancelled, it was never scheduled … more Travis Childers bull

Nunnelee’s campaign consultant said the debate wasn’t canceled; it was never scheduled.

“We told them from the first time they called that we had a conflict that date,” said Morgan Baldwin.

But Gooden said AARP had offered alternate dates and even proposed a tele-town hall conference where candidates could take questions by phone. It never worked out, she said.

Baldwin said Nunnelee’s schedule is packed solid: “We are booked up. He’s in every county and meeting with people.”

Childers, however, said his opponent’s inability to make time for AARP signals his lack of concern for older residents.

“Apparently Alan Nunnelee doesn’t feel like north Mississippians age 50 and above are important. They’re important to me,” Childers said in a press release.

Baldwin scoffed at the statement, saying Nunnelee supports senior citizens and values their contributions to the country.

“It’s kind of interesting that Congressman Childers, who won’t hold town hall meetings, is criticizing Sen. Nunnelee, who meets time and again in town hall meetings and who is working with the citizens of this district and talking to them.”

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