Today, Republican Mike Hurst released his tax records from 2012-2014 and challenged his opponent, 12-year incumbent Democrat Jim Hood to do the same.
“The Office of Attorney General should be the gold standard for ethics and transparency in Mississippi. As Mississippi’s top attorney and top prosecutor, the Attorney General should be held to the highest standards. So today, I’m releasing my tax records for the past three years and challenge my opponent to do the same,” Hurst said at a Jackson press conference.

Hurst made his tax records available to the press Thursday and also posted them online for public access at on his campaign web site.
Hurst continued, “I’m asking the voters of Mississippi to trust me to be their Attorney General. That is a humbling thing to do. And as Ronald Reagan said, ‘Trust, but verify.’ If I’m asking the voters to trust me, I need to provide them the opportunity to verify as well. I don’t suggest every candidate or elected official for every office needs to do this. But the Office of Attorney General should be held to a highest standard of ethical and financial disclosure. The people of Mississippi need to know they can trust me to go after public corruption without concerns over my own finances.”

“Over the years, there have been a lot of allegations made against my opponent. Questions have been raised about pay-to-play arrangements and challenging his ethics. I don’t have answers to those questions. But I hope he will take a step toward answering those questions by showing openness and transparency by releasing his tax records as well. My transparency is not contingent on him. I’m releasing my records today at the press conferences and on my campaign web site at for anyone to review,” Hurst said.

“Sometimes candidates do things like this as a political gimmick. This is no gimmick. This is serious. This is about transparency and ethics for an office which should show the highest level of both. I’m releasing my returns from the past three years and when serving as Attorney General will continue to release my returns annually.”

Mike Hurst for AG Press Release