DAVID DALLAS — Elvis to take on Tater

Apparently, Elvis, who once impersonated a Republican State Senator and a Madison County Supervisor, has now shed his Republican persona and declared his intentions to run as a Democrat against Big Tater.

It would be different if this were some cool, young and hip Tupelo Elvis. But this guy is the garden variety left-in-Las-Vegas Elvis. God bless him.

“Please won’t you help me, I feel like I’m slipping away,” Elvis will most assuredly be singing on the campaign trail, “Lord Almighty, I’m burning a hole where I lay.”

But it will not be “Love” that’s “Burning” for this Elvis and his fans. No, that would be the dumpster fire that is Mississippi’s Democratic Party.

God help them, if God even can. Are there any Democrats left in Mississippi? Is no one other than Jim Hood willing to run for Statewide office anymore?

Is an ex-Republican Elvis Impersonator the best Democrats can do?

It’s not much of a stretch to say this Elvis would probably be just as good if not better for Mississippi as Lieutenant Governor than Tater, who is about as inspiring as a yawn.

MS “Business” Journal