Red Cross Effort To Shut Down Inquiry Fails; Report Calls For Outside Oversight

The proposed American Red Cross Sunshine Act comes in response to a report by the Government Accountability Office, also being released today, that finds oversight of the charity lacking and recommends that Congress find a way to fill the gap….

…Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, is introducing the bill, which he says he hopes will make that possible. The legislation calls for regular audits from the departments of Homeland Security and Treasury, and from USAID. It also says the Red Cross must open its books and cooperate with all future GAO investigations.

Thompson said that part is especially important because he says the Red Cross did not fully cooperate with this GAO inquiry that began 18 months ago.

“There was initial pushback from the standpoint of getting information,” Thompson said in an interview. Then, he says, the situation got worse.