The People’s House

Simple, ordinary, everyday words are words of clear and unmistakable meaning. President Reagan demonstrated this when he spoke, “Mr Gorbachve, Tear down this wall.”

The American people have been waiting for Congress to address the energy crises, yet both houses of Congress adjourned and went home leaving the energy mess behind. Further, to prevent any commentary from the house floor while the House of Representatives was on “vacation,”
Speaker Nancy Pelosi, turned off the lights and the C-Span cameras. We understand that Speaker Pelosi also had the capital police prevent any assembly of Representatives on the House floor. Under public and Congressional pressure, the lights were turned back on and assembly of Representatives was permitted. But, the edict against the C-Span cameras continues.

The Mississippi Conservative Party, in the pattern of President Reagan’s simple words here states, “Madam Pelosi, the House is the peoples’s house, not your house.”

After deliberation of Speaker Pelosi’s actions, the Mississippi Conservative Party appeals to its citizens who are upset with the House majority leadership to write your local Congressional Representative to create a bipartisan committee of the House of Representatives to establish rules for the operation of C-Span, all under the control of the House Clerk and not by any elected official.

Sam Gallo
Executive Director
Director of State Development