Mississippi Conservatives PAC Release: Senate debate an admission of McDaniel’s previous votes to fund Common Core

If today was a vote on Common Core funding, then so was McDaniel’s yes votes in 2013 and 2012

JACKSON, MISS – Today, Chris McDaniel vindicated the criticisms directed at his record for voting to fund Common Core in 2013 and 2012. The Mississippi Senate debated a funding line in the Education Appropriations bill labeled “Common Core / Literacy.”

“Last year and in 2012, Chris McDaniel voted to fund Common Core with over half-a-million dollars. He denied those votes funded Common Core, but now after his record was exposed and he is running for higher office, he made a show losing a vote. The debate today is tacit admission that yes, he did fund Common Core as recently as last year. He may say he opposes Common Core, but he voted to fund it. He may make lame excuses like he didn’t read the bill or was ignorant of what Common Core was, but this is another example where Chris McDaniel says one thing and his record says something else,” said Brian Perry spokesperson for Mississippi Conservatives which has been running ads criticizing McDaniel for saying he opposes Common Core but he voted to fund it. McDaniel’s campaign criticized those ads as not being true, but Perry noted today’s debate vindicated the truth of the ads.

McDaniel denied the legislation in 2013 and 2012 – same as today – was Common Core funding at a recent event covered by the Brookhaven Daily News (02/25/2014) where he said, “They claim we funded Common Core. No, we did not.”

Chris McDaniel’s Yes Votes to Fund Common Core in 2013 and 2012:

· 2013: HB1648 – Chris McDaniel voted yes for $94,082 for “Common Core/Literacy.”

· 2012: HB1593 – Chris McDaniel voted yes for $94,082 for “Common Core/Literacy” and $400,000 for “Common Core Professional Development.”