In a new television ad playing statewide, Mississippi Conservatives criticizes trial lawyer Chris McDaniel for failing to do his job in the state Senate.

“Taxpayers expect Chris McDaniel to do the job he was hired to do, and at the very least just show up for votes in the state Senate. But he shirked that responsibility and has missed more than 118 votes. One newspaper said McDaniel should do the job voters elected him to do before seeking more responsibility that, based on his attendance, he hasn’t earned. And his campaign has called the criticism of him not showing up to work: ‘silly.’ It certainly isn’t silly when he and his campaign manager both miss a pro-life vote that as a result failed by one vote,” said Brian Perry, spokesperson for Mississippi Conservatives.

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Mississippi Conservatives was established as an independent expenditure only committee in January 2014 to support the re-election of U.S. Senator Thad Cochran. It operates independently from and without coordination with Cochran’s campaign and is a Mississippi based organization.

A script of the ad and a fact sheet follows below. The commercial can also be watched online at:


Chris McDaniel, personal injury trial lawyer.

A state senator who doesn’t show up for work.

McDaniel has the worst attendance record in the state senate.

Absent 118 times.

Skipping votes on taxes, debt and spending.

McDaniel even skipped an important pro-life vote to campaign in Washington.

Causing the amendment to fail by one vote.

Chris McDaniel, he says one thing, his record says something else.

Mississippi Conservatives is responsible for the content of this advertising.


According to, Chris McDaniel has missed 118 votes and has the worst attendance record of any currently sitting senator.

Chris McDaniel has skipped votes on taxes (2009 Second Special Session; SB2001 on 6/29/2009) as well as debt and spending (2010 Regular Session; SB3181 on 3/26/2010). He has also missed votes on crime (SB2751 on 4/17/2008) and Charter Schools (SB2293 on 3/27/2010).

In an article titled “Senate GOP hopeful goes AWOL on votes to chase money, media” the Daily Caller noted a pro-life amendment “that appeared to be a no-brainer in terms of priorities” failed while McDaniel and his campaign manager were campaigning in Washington, DC.

According to Senate records, the pro-life amendment failed 22-23 on February 11, 2014 with Chris McDaniel absent.

Chris McDaniel’s campaign told the Washington DC newspaper Roll Call that the issue of him missing votes “silly.”

But the Natchez Democrat said in an editorial that Chris McDaniel and his Senate colleague and campaign manager, “should refocus on doing the work voters elected them to do before they seek more responsibility that clearly has yet to be earned – at least not through attendance records.”