Dems wonder what happened in governor primary

“I’m calling every political consultant, anthropologist and witch doctor in the Southeast to help me understand what happened yesterday,” said Brandon Jones, director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust. “… Anybody who offers a clear-cut formula for yesterday is probably a little ahead of their skis right now.”

Political science professor and longtime observer of state politics Marty Wiseman said, “It’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. … It’s a low point for the Democratic Party, which doesn’t need any more low points. You’d like to think it’s a perfectly pulled off conspiracy by the Republicans, but that’s too far a stretch.”…

…State Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole said, “Unlike most people, I have met Mr. Gray. I found him to be a sincere and genuine person. … The voters have a right to pick their nominee. That’s why we have primaries rather than nominate by convention. The people made their choice.”

But Cole did speculate, “this was a low-information election.”

“You hear people talk about low-information voters or elections,” Cole said. “I think this may have been one of those.”