Some wary of new Dem leader’s loyalty

“I think Mr. Hall showed he has the political experience by running Mr. (Jim) Kitchens’ successful campaign,” Franks said.

Also, Franks said Hall showed his fundraising ability during that campaign.

Hall was selected last weekend. His salary hasn’t been determined.

Willie Griffin of Greenville, a member of the state Democratic Party Executive Committee, said he firmly opposed the choice.

“We don’t need a Republican speaking for us. We have competent people who can run our party. In the last eight to 10 years, our party has been pushing party loyalty,” said Griffin, who also is head of the Washington County Democratic Executive Committee.

Griffin said Hall has a history of endorsing Republicans, including Gov. Haley Barbour, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, Congressman Chip Pickering and others. Hall once was publisher and editor of the Scott County Times newspaper.

Hall, who has been working as a political consultant, said he will wait until everything is finalized at a March 25 meeting before commenting about his role.

Clarion Ledger