Democrat reacts to fighting words from GOP U.S. Senate campaigns

Brandon Jones, executive director of the Democratic Trust, intently watched Thursday’s war of words between Republican U.S. Senate campaigns.

“It got ticky tacky,” he said immediately after watching. “There is, obviously there is a little bit of an entertainment value when you see something like that just as an outside observer. But the truth is, it’s really sad.”

Jones admits that the heated Republican primary race is taking all the air out of the room. He says that’s not necessarily a bad thing from the Democrats’ perspective.

“There’s no mistaking that voters in Mississippi, by the time they go out to the ballots on primary day, are going to have serious ugly campaign fatigue,” assessed Jones.

Jones wants Democrats to show up at the polls on primary day. Two of the Democratic candidates are the most well-known. Bill Marcy is a former Republican candidate who made a party switch. And Travis Childers won a special election and served just more than two years as a U.S. Congressman.

Yet, Jones is looking ahead to November.

“Most people know that Mr. Marcy is a stalking-horse candidate,” said Jones. “He is a Republican who is confused. And there’s no question in my mind that Travis Childers stands as the only true Democratic candidate who’s running for the United States Senate.”

He believes fighting words like those exchanged on Thursday could turn off some voters.

“Once the primaries are put to bed, Congressman Childers has a great opportunity to kind of introduce himself in the aftermath of what will have been a very bloody Republican primary,” Jones explained.