From Mississippi Democratic Party email:

Subject: The Republican Assault on Public Education


Yesterday and today, the Republicans in the legislature made their intentions clear: they want to gut public education, undercut the priorities of hundreds of thousands of Mississippians, and expect you to be okay with that because they know what is best for all of us.

Well, this is a new year and that old dog just won’t catch a rabbit.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to call their hand and break the destructive cycle of Republican policies that hurt working Mississippi families the most. The Republicans have presented a clear ultimatum and we need to respond. The choice and the difference could not be clearer. We are right and they are dead wrong.

These destructive House and Senate votes are a call to action.

Democrats in our legislature worked in solidarity to protect the effort to fully fund MAEP, but that was not enough. We need more voices for education, and election year 2015 is our opportunity to add more of us to next year’s roll calls.

If you feel the call to serve, now is the time to answer. If you know others who will, now is the time to encourage them. If you are looking to support our team — donate to the cause:

Now is the time.

Your friend,