Excerpt from email sent by Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole:

Subject: The White House is ours

Yesterday we heard some exciting news – Hillary Clinton’s in the race for President of the United States in 2016! We’d like to welcome her as the first official Democratic candidate, and we look forward to an exciting race.

Even though it’s just the beginning of the race to the White House, we must start preparing now.

While we expect a competitive primary for the Democratic nomination, one thing is for certain – next November, Mississippians will face a choice. Voters will either choose to continue building on the middle class economic success of President Obama or to bring back the failed trickle-down economics of the past with a Republican candidate.

We need a President who will fight for the middle class, for education, for labor, and for a stronger economy. We need a President who will protect the progress we’ve already made. We need a Democrat in the White House….

…Your friend –